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49596-DNI5: Structure and Dynamics of Aqueous and Aqueous-Hydrocarbon Fluids between Charged Surfaces Yongsheng Leng, PhD
49596-DNI5 image
50407-DNI5: Instabilities and Morphologies of Stressed Elastic Films Benjamin Davidovitch
50407-DNI5 image
50794-DNI5: Intermetallic Base-Metal Catalysts for the Selective Hydrogenation of Acetylene and Multifunctional Organic Compounds Robert Rioux, PhD
50794-DNI5 image
51132-DNI5: Electric Field-Induced Interfacial Behavior of Janus Particles at an Oil-Water Interface Daeyeon Lee
51132-DNI5 image
51339-DNI5: Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy of Group IV Semiconductor Electrodeposition and Deoxygenation Stephen Maldonado, PhD
51339-DNI5 image
51459-DNI5: Engineering Interfacial Properties of Emulsions to Limit Transport of Free Radicals and Oxygen Across the Interface Nitin Nitin, PhD
51459-DNI5 image
51512-DNI5: Hygro-Responsive Surfaces: A New Approach for Oil-Water Emulsion Separation Anish Tuteja, Ph.D.
51512-DNI5 image
51723-DNI5: Mechanism of Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Alkane on Supported Vanadium Oxide Zhenrong Zhang, PhD
51723-DNI5 image
52089-DNI5: Metal Clusters Sequestered in Micropores of Hierarchical Lamellar Zeolites: Protected Active Sites and Enhanced Mass Transport for Heteroatom-Tolerant Catalysts Dongxia Liu
52089-DNI5 image
52148-DNI5: Investigation of Host-Guest Interactions in Metal-Organic Framework Materials Using Spectroscopic Methods Jenny Lockard, PhD
52148-DNI5 image
52279-DNI5: Rapid Prediction of Sulfide and Oxide Catalyst Surface Structures Using Insight from Density Functional Theory Lars C. Grabow, PhD
52279-DNI5 image
52352-DNI5: Green Solventless Fabrication of Ionic Liquid/Polymer Composites Using Vapor Phase Polymerization Malancha Gupta, PhD
52352-DNI5 image
52422-DNI5: Design of Zeolite Growth Modifiers: A Hierarchical Approach to Optimize Nanoporous Catalysts Jeffrey D. Rimer, PhD
52422-DNI5 image
52636-DNI5: Effects of Oxygen Vacancies of Catalyst Surfaces on Reactivity and Selectivity of Carbon Dioxide Reduction with Hydrogen Franklin (Feng) Tao, PhD
52636-DNI5 image