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50755-ND2: Boron Isotope Effects in Synthetic Calcium Carbonates: For a Better Reconstruction of Paleo-Ocean pH Sang-Tae Kim, PhD
50755-ND2 image
50760-ND2: Mercury Isotopes as a Novel Tool for Reconstructing the Evolution of the Ancient Atmosphere and Oceans Galen Pippa Halverson, PhD
50760-ND2 image
51001-ND2: Compound-Specific Isotopes of Methanogenic Precursors in Coal: Laboratory, Field and Modeling Studies Jennifer McIntosh
51001-ND2 image
51690-ND2: Re-Examination of Environmental Controls on Bacterial Branched Tetraether Lipids using North American Soils Yongsong Huang, PhD
51690-ND2 image
51785-ND2: Elucidation of Reactions Mediated by Sulfidic Carbonate and Clay Depositions: The Search for New Organic Reactions Mediated by Natural Materials Salvatore D. Lepore, PhD
51785-ND2 image
51786-ND2: Site-Specific Isotope Fractionation of Hydrocarbons by Quantitative NMR Spectroscopy Juske Horita, PhD
51786-ND2 image
51822-ND2: Ni Isotopes as Novel Methanogenesis Tracers in Organic-rich Sediments Richard Pancost
51822-ND2 image
52142-ND2: A Potential Fungal Contribution to the Selective Preservation of Long-chain Hydrocarbon Functionality in Soils and Sediments Neal E. Blair, Ph.D.
52142-ND2 image
52222-ND2: Linking Coastal Terrestrial Ecosystems and Eustatic Sea-Level Changes: A Case Study in the Tornillo Group (Big Bend National Park, TX) Gabriel Bowen
52222-ND2 image
52457-ND2: Examining Evidence for a Dynamic Sulfur Cycle During the Early Triassic with Isotopic Measurements of Carbonate Associated Sulfate Jonathan L. Payne
52457-ND2 image
52623-ND2: Multiple Sulfur Isotope Tests for Sulfur Radical Chemistry During Petroleum Formation and Degradation Shuhei Ono, PhD
52623-ND2 image