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50712-ND8: A Numerical Investigation of the Coupled Roles of Tectonics and Erosion on the Isolation, Recapture, and Persistence of Intermontane Basins in Fold-and-thrust Belts and High-angle Reverse Faulting Environments George Hilley, PhD
50712-ND8 image
50833-ND8: Predicting Channel Geometry in Faulted Hydrocarbon Reservoirs Nancye H. Dawers
50833-ND8 image
51128-ND8: Evolution of Mouth Bars and Salt Marshes in Deltas: Implications for Sedimentary Deposits and Stratigraphy Sergio Fagherazzi
51128-ND8 image
51156-ND8: Sequence Stratigraphy, Detrital Zircon Geochronology, and Shale Geochemistry of Middle to Late Ordovician Quartzites in North America to Understand Provenance, Sediment Dispersal and Paleoclimate Michael C. Pope, Ph.D.
51156-ND8 image
51202-ND8: Fluid Flow Analysis in Fractured Rock using Structural Geometry and Geochemical Tracers (Noble Gas Isotopes and Trace Elements) Gautam Mitra, PhD
51202-ND8 image
51236-ND8: Microbial Influence on Seal Integrity During CO2 Injection Jennifer A. Roberts
51236-ND8 image
51939-ND8: Dating Basin Deposits: Extending the Reach of Cosmogenic Nuclide Dating Into the Miocene Arjun Heimsath, PhD
51939-ND8 image
51942-ND8: A Study of the Relationship Between Hydrocarbon Migration and Magnetic Alteration of the Michigan Basin Soils and Sediments: Towards Understanding the Magnetic Signature of Hydrocarbons Aleksey Smirnov, PhD
51942-ND8 image
51958-ND8: Scaling of Deposition Rates and Deposits from Buoyant River Plumes Kyle Strom, PhD
51958-ND8 image
52114-ND8: Characterizing Quartz Microtextures in a Proglacial and Nonglacial Fluvial System as a Means Toward Improved Paleoenvironmental Analysis: A Pilot Study Gerilyn S. Soreghan
52114-ND8 image
52265-ND8: Geophysical Monitoring of Mechanical and Chemical Alteration of Frictional Discontinuities Antonio Bobet
52265-ND8 image
52282-ND8: Relationships of Primary Sedimentary Facies to Physical and Chemical Properties of the Marcellus Shale in Central New York State Teresa Jordan
52282-ND8 image
52387-ND8: Pressurized Hydraulic Fracturing of the Devonian Marcellus Shale with Liquid CO2: Impact on Enhanced Gas Recovery Alan J. Kaufman
52387-ND8 image