What makes a good ACS PRF grant proposal reviewer?
PRF Video Featuring Thomas Clancy, PhD, Program Manager. (Full Transcript)

From the Director

There is good news to share regarding the financial status of the ACS Petroleum Research Fund (PRF). The value of the Fund as of December 31, 2012 is $473 million, which is an increase of $32 million compared to 2011. Additionally, the ACS PRF Reserve fund is closer to the target minimum of $28 million having increased in value to $24 million. In 2012, ACS PRF funded 178 research grants totaling $16.2 million and we are grateful to the community of scientific reviewers who assist the PRF staff in determining which proposals to fund. The progress reports published on this website provide a synopsis of the excellent research supported by ACS PRF. Full message from the director...