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49165-DNI9: Mechanism of CH3ReO3 Activation for Olefin Metathesis on Amorphous Silica-Alumina Baron Peters, PhD
49165-DNI9 image
49744-DNI9: Effect of Polymer and Polymer Gel on Disproportionate Permeability Reduction to Gas and Water for Tight Gas Baojun Bai, PhD
49744-DNI9 image
50912-DNI9: Large-Scale Simulation of Turbulent Flames with Detailed Chemistry Reza Sheikhi, PhD
50912-DNI9 image
51561-DNI9: Studies of Streaming Potentials Generated by a Two-Phase Flow with Applications to Detecting Water Encroachment towards Oil Wells Hui Zhao, PhD
51561-DNI9 image
51616-DNI9: Measuring the Impact of Nanoscale Features on Oil and Gas Recovery Keith B. Neeves, PhD
51616-DNI9 image
51832-DNI9: Non-Newtonian Fluid Dynamics in Porous Media Systems Jennifer R. Brown, PhD
51832-DNI9 image
52031-DNI9: Theoretical Study of the Rheology and Characteristic Length Scales of Granular Flows and Suspensions Based on an Analogy with the Plasticity of Glasses Matthieu Wyart
52031-DNI9 image
52190-DNI9: Linking Fractional Free Volume to Gas Solubility and Membrane Permeability in Ionic Liquids Jason E. Bara, PhD
52190-DNI9 image
52295-DNI9: Multi-Scale Investigation of Viscoelastic Micellar Fluids in Complex Flows Matthew E. Helgeson, PhD
52295-DNI9 image
52332-DNI9: Multi-Scale Hydrodynamics of Bubble-Particle Interaction Sunghwan Jung
52332-DNI9 image
52335-DNI9: Tuning the Performance of Microchannel Steam Methane Reforming Reactors via Modular Design and Phase Change Temperature Control Michael Baldea, Ph.D.
52335-DNI9 image
52340-DNI9: Coupled Fluid and Solid Mechanics Study for Improved Permeability Estimation of Damaged Formations Near Wellbore Masa Prodanovic, PhD
52340-DNI9 image