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Here you can browse the latest reports on some of the more than 500 active grants awarded by the PRF and learn more about advanced energy research happening now. The reports are organized according to title, institution, principal investigator, and grant type. Learn about Grant Types.

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49334-UR3: Photocatalytic Dechlorination of Chloroalkanes in Hydrocarbon Mixtures Patrick E. Hoggard
49334-UR3 image
49503-UR3: In Situ Thermodynamic Characterization of Supramolecular Assembly Processes that Lead to Discrete Nanosize Structures Douglas A. Vander Griend
49503-UR3 image
50700-UR3: The Synthesis and Characterization of Early Transition-Metal Complexes with Terminal Nitrido Ligands Colin D. Abernethy, PhD
50700-UR3 image
51085-UR3: Fundamental Chemistry of the Re(CO)3(H2O)3+ Synthon Richard Herrick, PhD
51085-UR3 image
51147-UR3: Control of Selectivity in Intramolecular Carbon-Hydrogen Bond Activations by Transition Metal Complexes Shouquan Huo, Ph.D.
51147-UR3 image
51546-UR3: Polyaromatic Metal Complexes: Pathways to Graphene Sandwiches Stephanie Hurst, PhD
51546-UR3 image
51716-UR3: Ligands for the Cobalt-Catalyzed Dimerization of Alpha Olefins Richard D. Broene
51716-UR3 image
51747-UR3: Hydrogen Production via Homogeneous Catalysis: Investigations of the Water-Gas-Shift Reaction Jason S. D'Acchioli, PhD
51747-UR3 image