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51008-UNI4: Specific Ion Effects on the Interfacial Properties at the Hydrophobic/Aqueous Interfaces Yanjie Zhang, PhD
51008-UNI4 image
51292-UNI4: Using the Photo-Fries Reaction as a Photochemical Probe to Quantify the Cage Effects of Ionic Liquids Amy E. Keirstead, PhD
51292-UNI4 image
51896-UNI4: Gas Phase Ion Dissociation Dynamics through Photoionization Mass Spectrometry James P. Kercher, PhD
51896-UNI4 image
52165-UNI4: Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer in Ground-State Charge Transfer Reactions: Bi-molecular PCET and Intervalent Charge Transfer Eliz Young, PhD
52165-UNI4 image