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Here you can browse the latest reports on some of the more than 900 active grants awarded by the PRF and learn more about advanced energy research happening now. The reports are organized according to title, institution, principal investigator, and grant type. Learn about Grant Types and Committees.

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48813-ND10: Renewable Energy from a Neglected Photovoltaic Material: Boron Arsenide Allen J. Bard
48813-ND10 image
48820-ND10: Metal Nanoparticle Enhancement of Organic Polymer Solar Cell Efficiency: Raman and Optical Studies Anne Myers Kelley, PhD
48820-ND10 image
49157-ND10: Novel High-Temperature Austenitic Alloys for Energy Conversion Applications Ian Baker, Ph.D.
49157-ND10 image
49638-ND10: Pyroelectrically-Mediated Reduction-Oxidation Reactions Theodore F. Wiesner, PhD, PE
49638-ND10 image
49889-ND10: Phonon Depletion-Based Nanostructured Thermoelectric Energy Generation Bruce White, PhD
49889-ND10 image
50032-ND10: Neutron Scattering Study of Cathode Materials for Li-Ion Batteries Howard Wang, PhD
50032-ND10 image
50630-ND10: Carbon Nanoelectrodes: Generating Hydrogen from Water B. C. Regan, PhD
50630-ND10 image
50753-ND10: Energy Conversion from New Environmentally Benign and Low-Cost Photovoltaic Nanomaterials Qiuming Yu, PhD
50753-ND10 image
50859-ND10: Colloidal Synthesis of Zinc Phosphide and Tantalum Oxynitride Nanocrystals for Solar Energy Generation Preston T. Snee, PhD
50859-ND10 image
50888-ND10: Versatile Bottom-Up Approach to Nanostructured Solar Cells Christine D. Keating, PhD
50888-ND10 image
50892-ND10: Surface Supported Rare Earth Element Based Nanomaterials as a Composite in Solar Cell Electrodes Gang-yu Liu, PhD
50892-ND10 image
50966-ND10: Sub-Diffraction Imaging of Energy Conversion Reactions on Graphene Peng Chen
50966-ND10 image
51026-ND10: Novel Utilization of Elemental Sulfur for Nanocomposite Materials and Energy Storage Jeffrey Pyun, PhD
51026-ND10 image
51140-ND10: Dynamic Trapping of Light with Tunable Liquid Metal Lattices Teri Wang Odom
51140-ND10 image
51312-ND10: Electrochemistry, Surface Chemistry, and Luminescence of Single Fluorophore Philippe Guyot-Sionnest
51312-ND10 image
51458-ND10: New Insights on High Performance Anodes for Lithium-Ion Batteries Reza Shahbazian Yassar, PhD
51458-ND10 image
51514-ND10: Designing Novel Organic/Inorganic Hybrid Architectures for Efficient Energy Conversion Natalie Stingelin, PhD
51514-ND10 image