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Here you can browse the latest reports on some of the more than 900 active grants awarded by the PRF and learn more about advanced energy research happening now. The reports are organized according to title, institution, principal investigator, and grant type. Learn about Grant Types and Committees.

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49139-ND8: Modeling the Coupling of Elastic Anisotropy and Network Topology in Poroelastic Transport Jeffrey Rickman, PhD
49139-ND8 image
49560-ND8: The Foraminiferal Signature of Hurricanes: Northern Gulf of Mexico Stephen J. Culver
49560-ND8 image
49600-ND8: Spatial and Temporal Variations of Crustal Deformation in the Afar Depression: Constraints from Radar Interferometry Stephen S. Gao
49600-ND8 image
49621-ND8: Systematic Investigation of the Planar Shape of Rock Fractures using PFC3D Numerical Experiments Lianyang Zhang
49621-ND8 image
49823-ND8: Using Geo-electrical Methods as a Monitoring Aid for Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery Dimitrios Ntarlagiannis, PhD
49823-ND8 image
50712-ND8: A Numerical Investigation of the Coupled Roles of Tectonics and Erosion on the Isolation, Recapture, and Persistence of Intermontane Basins in Fold-and-thrust Belts and High-angle Reverse Faulting Environments George E. Hilley, PhD
50712-ND8 image
50790-ND8: Influence of Cell Surface Properties and Structures on Microbial Deposition in Porous Media in the Absence and Presence of Energy Barriers William Paul Johnson, PhD
50790-ND8 image
50833-ND8: Predicting Channel Geometry in Faulted Hydrocarbon Reservoirs Nancye H. Dawers
50833-ND8 image
51128-ND8: Evolution of Mouth Bars and Salt Marshes in Deltas: Implications for Sedimentary Deposits and Stratigraphy Sergio Fagherazzi
51128-ND8 image
51156-ND8: Sequence Stratigraphy, Detrital Zircon Geochronology, and Shale Geochemistry of Middle to Late Ordovician Quartzites in North America to Understand Provenance, Sediment Dispersal and Paleoclimate Michael C. Pope, Ph.D.
51156-ND8 image
51202-ND8: Fluid Flow Analysis in Fractured Rock using Structural Geometry and Geochemical Tracers (Noble Gas Isotopes and Trace Elements) Gautam Mitra, PhD
51202-ND8 image
51236-ND8: Microbial Influence on Seal Integrity During CO2 Injection Jennifer A. Roberts
51236-ND8 image