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49633-DNI8: Deposition on the Far End: Shale Facies Architecture as an Archive for High-frequency Cyclicity Sven O. Egenhoff, PhD
49633-DNI8 image
49637-DNI8: Constructing Global d13Ccarb and d13Corg Reference Curves for the Triassic Miriam E. Katz, PhD
49637-DNI8 image
49877-DNI8: Active Fold Growth Studies with InSAR Rowena Lohman
49877-DNI8 image
50214-DNI8: Geochemical and Petrographic Investigation of a Novel Calcite-Aragonite Sea Transition in Terminal Proterozoic Time (549 - 548 Ma) Justin B. Ries, PhD
50214-DNI8 image
50248-DNI8: Backwater Controls on Fluvial Morphodynamics near River Mouths Michael Lamb, PhD
50248-DNI8 image
50295-DNI8: Quantifying the Morphology and Composition of Thin-bed Levee Deposits in Deep-water Settings Kyle Straub, PhD
50295-DNI8 image
50310-DNI8: Sequence Stratigraphic Architecture Along Depositional-Strike in Shallow-Marine Outcrops, Wasatch Plateau, Utah M. Royhan Gani, PhD
50310-DNI8 image
50789-DNI8: Evaluating Why Flash Floods are Different: An Experimental Investigation of Sediment Transport and Sorting by Rapidly Changing Hydrographs Joel P. L. Johnson, PhD
50789-DNI8 image
50792-DNI8: Active Outer Forearc Basin Formation by Syn-convergent Extension above the Hellenic Subduction Zone, Crete, Greece Karl W. Wegmann, PhD
50792-DNI8 image
50793-DNI8: Decoupling Tectonic and Autogenic Controls on the Development of Cyclic Fluvial Strata: Flume Experiments Wonsuck Kim, PhD
50793-DNI8 image
51157-DNI8: Rock-Physics and Seismic Modeling of the Haynesville Shale Kyle T. Spikes, PhD
51157-DNI8 image
51230-DNI8: The Interpretation of Geochemical Patterns Through the Hyperbolic Theory for Reactive Transport in Porous Media Marc A. Hesse, PhD
51230-DNI8 image