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49235-DNI2: The Methylation Index of Branched Tetraethers (MBT) as a Temperature Proxy in Lakes: Investigation, Calibration, and Validation James M. Russell, PhD
49235-DNI2 image
49704-DNI2: The Use of Carbonate 'Clumped Isotope' Thermometry to Quantify Temperatures of Burial and Diagenesis from 0-200C Katharine W. Huntington, PhD
49704-DNI2 image
50321-DNI2: Carbonate 'Clumped Isotope' Thermometry: Constraining Closure Temperatures for the 13C-18O Order/Disorder Process in Carbonate Minerals Benjamin H. Passey, PhD
50321-DNI2 image
50379-DNI2: Nanostructures Formation by Aromatic Hydrocarbons on Calcite Chongzheng Na, PhD
50379-DNI2 image
50512-DNI2: Determination of Subsurface Residence Time, Migration Rate, and Extent of Fluid-Rock Reaction for Carbon-Rich Fluids Using Noble Gas Radionuclides Reika Yokochi
50512-DNI2 image
50999-DNI2: The Control of Dissolved Organic Matter Compositions on the Production of Biogenic Methane in Unconventional Gas Reservoirs Michael Formolo
50999-DNI2 image
51182-DNI2: Hot and Heavy or Cool and Fresh: Resolving Meteoric from Burial Diagenesis Using Clumped Isotopes Aradhna Tripati, PhD
51182-DNI2 image
51357-DNI2: Basin-Scale Chronostratigraphic Subsurface Correlation Using Isotopic Analysis of Well Cuttings and Cores David A. Fike, PhD
51357-DNI2 image