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Here you can browse the latest reports on some of the more than 900 active grants awarded by the PRF and learn more about advanced energy research happening now. The reports are organized according to title, institution, principal investigator, and grant type. Learn about Grant Types and Committees.

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50235-UNI3: Exploration of Molecular Designs for Energy Conversion Charles Mebi, PhD
50235-UNI3 image
50346-UNI3: Ruthenium and Osmium Complexes with Ligands Capable of Proton Coupled Electron Transfer Jared J. Paul, PhD
50346-UNI3 image
50352-UNI3: Toward the Development of Iron-Based Olefin Metathesis Catalysts Yann Schrodi, PhD
50352-UNI3 image
50877-UNI3: Iron(III) Oxidation of Carboxylic Acids and Phenols as Models for the Abiotic Transformation of Natural Organic Matter William D. Kerber, PhD
50877-UNI3 image
50980-UNI3: Ambiphilic Scaffolds for Cooperative Metal-Ligand Activation of Small Molecules Matthew T. Whited, PhD
50980-UNI3 image
51217-UNI3: Functionalized, Binuclear N-Heterocyclic Carbene Ligands Bearing Phosphine Donors: Synthesis of Metal Complexes and Applications to Homogeneous Catalysis Gregory J. Domski, Ph.D.
51217-UNI3 image