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46770-G7: Modeling the Crystallization of Polymers from Solutions and Melts Sachin Shanbhag

46770-G7 image

47507-G7: Diffusion of Structured Polymers in Confined Environments Pak Kin Wong

47507-G7 image

47661-G7: Nickel-Catalyzed Polymerizations: Mechanistic Studies and New Reaction Development Anne J. McNeil

47661-G7 image

47740-G7: Solvent-Temperature Superposition Rules for Predicting the Rheology of Wormlike Micellar Fluids Rajesh S. Khare

47740-G7 image

47744-G7: Structure Engineering of Side Chain Perylene Tetracarboxylic Diimide Diblock Copolymers Shi Jin

47744-G7 image

47771-G7: Tracer Diffusion in Polymer Gels: Quenched Randomness and Thermal Fluctuations Weiqun Peng

47771-G7 image

47926-G7: Graphene Nanoribbons: Synthesis and Self-Assembly of Nanostructured Materials C. Scott Hartley

47926-G7 image

47965-G7: Ionic Liquid-Assisted Gelation of Organic Solvents Sergei Dzyuba

47965-G7 image

47999-G7: Hierarchically-Assembled Segmented Polyurethanes: Mechanical Reinforcement in a Multi-Phase Elastomeric System LaShanda TJ Korley

47999-G7 image

48087-G7: Effect of Asymmetric Block Polydispersity on the Structure Formation and Mechanical Properties of Diblock Copolymers Michael R. Bockstaller

48087-G7 image

48399-G7: Thermodynamics of Layered-Silicate/Block Copolymeric Nanocomposites via Self-Assembly Eric Cochran

48399-G7 image

48488-G7: Investigation of the Relationships Between the Morphology and Transport Properties of Sulfonated Block Copolymers Containing Glassy Hydrophobic Blocks Kevin A. Cavicchi

48488-G7 image

48534-G7: Ultrahigh Spatial Resolution Infrared Spectroscopic Imaging of the Phase Behavior of Block-Copolymer Nanostructures Markus B. Raschke

48534-G7 image

48629-G7: Microdomain Orientation of Diblock Copolymer-Based Supramolecules in Thin Films Ting Xu

48629-G7 image

48721-G7: Fundamental Investigations of the Molecular Basis of Conductance in Flexible Polymer/Metal Nanostructures Alexei V. Tivanski

48721-G7 image
Moving Mountains; Dr. Surpless
Desert Sea Fossils; Dr. Olszewski
Lighting Up Metals; Dr. Assefa
Ecological Polymers; Dr. Miller