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46345-G2: The Storegga Submarine Landslide: Investigating the Relationship Between Slope Instability, Climate Change, and Gas Hydrates Tessa M. Hill

46345-G2 image

46373-G2: New Insights into Molecular Structural Changes of Kerogen During Thermal Evolution Investigated by Advanced Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy Jingdong Mao

46373-G2 image

47811-G2: Element Mobility During Zeolitic Alteration of Volcanic Ash: Implications for Tephra Correlation in Sedimentary Basins Lindsay J. McHenry

47811-G2 image

48111-G2: Molecule-Specific Investigation of Lake-Level and Ecosystem Control of Organic Matter Sources in Oil Shale of the Green River Formation, Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah Jessica Whiteside

48111-G2 image

48302-G2: Iron Oxide Morphology and Composition as Possible Indicators of Sedimentary Redox Cycling Jeffrey G. Catalano

48302-G2 image
Moving Mountains; Dr. Surpless
Desert Sea Fossils; Dr. Olszewski
Lighting Up Metals; Dr. Assefa
Ecological Polymers; Dr. Miller