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46649-B2: Textural Controls on the Geochemical Variability of Argillaceous Hydrocarbon Source Rocks and Potential Application to Precambrian Units Jeffrey Robert Chiarenzelli

46649-B2 image

46990-B2: Evolution of Petroleum-Bearing Fluid Systems: Insights from Growth Dynamics of Quartz Crystals Phillip D. Ihinger

46990-B2 image

47346-B2: Productivity and Environmental Conditions Following the Permian-Triassic Mass Extinction: Lower Triassic Rocks from the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin Adam D. Woods

47346-B2 image

47367-B2: Investigation of Source Material for the Proposed Jurassic - Cretaceous/Tertiary Angiosperm Biomarker Bicadinane, in Parallel to Known Angiosperm Lineage Biomarker Oleanane David Winship Taylor

47367-B2 image

47516-B2: Mechanisms of Molybdenum Accumulation in the Solid Phase: The Influence of Organic Molecules Jennifer L. Morford

47516-B2 image

47881-B2: Integrated Study of the Root Zones of Hydrothermal Dolomite Reservoir Systems Bruce W. Selleck

47881-B2 image

48316-B2: Isotopic Identification of Ion Sources, Spatial Distribution, and Temporal Development of Biogenic Secondary Minerals Within Porous Rocks Erik Melchiorre

48316-B2 image
Moving Mountains; Dr. Surpless
Desert Sea Fossils; Dr. Olszewski
Lighting Up Metals; Dr. Assefa
Ecological Polymers; Dr. Miller