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Here you can browse the latest reports on some of the more than 900 active grants awarded by the PRF and learn more about advanced energy research happening now. The reports are organized according to title, institution, principal investigator, and grant type. Learn about Grant Types.

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49350-UNI5: Synthesis and Characterization of Molecular Monolayer Directed Nanoscale Catalysts Kevin M. Metz, PhD

49350-UNI5 image

49454-UNI5: Adsorption of Thiophenes at Liquid/Solid Interfaces Katherine E. Plass, PhD

49454-UNI5 image

49523-UNI5: Identification of Photocatalytically Active Surface Sites on Layered Transition Metal Sulfides Tykhon Zubkov, PhD

49523-UNI5 image

50108-UNI5: Probing the Dynamics of Ion Transport by Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy: Towards the Development of Enhanced Fuel Cell Membranes Marisa C. Buzzeo, DPhil

50108-UNI5 image
Moving Mountains; Dr. Surpless
Desert Sea Fossils; Dr. Olszewski
Lighting Up Metals; Dr. Assefa
Ecological Polymers; Dr. Miller