44th International Chemistry Olympiad

July 21-30, 2012 • Washington, DC • United States of America


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We are happy to provide Preparatory Problems for the 44th International Chemistry
Olympiad. These problems were prepared with reliance on fundamental topics that
are traditionally covered in high school chemistry courses supplemented with six
topics of advanced difficulty for the Theoretical part and one topic of advanced
difficulty for the Practical part. These topics are listed under “Topics of Advanced
Difficulty”, and their applications are given in the problems. In our experience
each of these topics can be introduced in two to three hours. Whenever possible the
relevance of the problem in the chemical sciences, and to the complex world in
which we live, is given.

We welcome any comments or corrections, please send them to icho2012@umd.edu.

We hope that these problems will be useful in your efforts to prepare students for
the 44th IChO.

pdf 44th ICHO Preparatory Problems
44th IChO Preparatory Problems Word Document