44th International Chemistry Olympiad

July 21-30, 2012 • Washington, DC • United States of America


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IChO President Welcomes Participants to the United States

ZewailAs president of the 44th International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO), I am delighted that the 2012 competitions will be held in Washington, DC. The International Chemistry Olympiad is uniquely positioned for celebrating the beauty and cornucopia of chemistry with the best young minds. By intellectually bonding with fellow students from all over the world, they form networks for the future.

Chemistry remains at the very center of scientific endeavor with fundamental contributions in the physical and life sciences. It is fitting that the American Chemical Society, the world’s largest scientific society, oversees this significant event in a special year— The International Year of Chemistry.
I welcome all of you to the United States and look forward to seeing you in 2012.


Ahmed Zewail Signature

Dr. Ahmed H. Zewail
1999 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry
President, 44th IChO, 2012
Linus Pauling Professor of Chemistry
California Institute of Technology

HoldrenOn behalf of President Obama and myself, I send greetings to participants in the 43rd International Chemistry Olympiad, being held this year in Ankara, Turkey.

To the Olympians themselves, who have come from scores of nations around the world, I commend you for your pursuit of one of the most exciting and valuable disciplines in science. Chemistry is the science that turns physics into biology. It is the science that transforms raw materials into commercial products such as fuels, pharmaceuticals, and building materials, and in doing so powers our economy in countless ways.

And it is the science that illuminates how all that grows or is built gets decomposed and recycled, forever giving life a fresh chance to make the most of our world’s limited resources.

To your parents, teachers, and other supporters, I send my good wishes as well. Thanks to your patience and generosity, the students competing in Ankara are well along the path to becoming leaders in a field crucial to humanity’s ability to meet the grand challenges of the 21st century, including the growing need for fresh drinking water and healthy food; environmentally sustainable energy sources; and new medical treatments and cures.

I encourage everyone associated with this year’s Olympiad to continue your efforts to harness the magnificent potential of chemistry and to make our world a more sustainable and healthy place for all. And I look forward to seeing many of you in July 2012, when the United States will be hosting the 44th International Chemistry Olympiad. Best wishes and good luck to you all!


John Holdren Signature

John P. Holdren, Director
Executive Office of the President
Office of Science and Technology Policy