Reports: DNI849637-DNI8: Constructing Global d13Ccarb and d13Corg Reference Curves for the Triassic

Miriam E. Katz, PhD, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Carbon isotopes were first shown to be effective for stratigraphic correlation in Neogene and Paleogene sections (e.g., Cramer et al., 2003; Dupuis et al., 2003; Woodruff and Savin, 1991). d13C stratigraphy is now recognized as critical in older records, especially where magnetobiostratigraphy is insufficient to accurate correlate high-resolution datasets (e.g., Cramer and Saltzman, 2005; Grocke, 2006; Muttoni et al., 2004; Weissert et al., 1998). My grant research focuses on identifying d13C events and trends recorded in marine carbonates and organic carbon that can be used for correlation in Triassic sections.

Graduate student David Mosher, supported by this grant, completed his M.S. degree in Dec. 2011, finishing his project and his degree a semester earlier than anticipated.  With his early depature, there was labwork and geochemical analyses still to be done, with associated papers still to be written.  My post-doc Samantha Langton stepped in complete the labwork and analyses, manage datasets, draft figures, and contribute towards writing papers with collaborators.  Her expertise in geochemistry has been an asset to the project.

The carbon isotope analyses have been completed.  We did a small pilot study of Sr-isotope analyses, with excellent results.  Nitrogen isotope analyses have been completed. 

In the first 2 years of this project this project, I established new collaborations with Dennis Kent (Rutgers U.), Giovanni Muttoni (Univ. of Milan), and Atle Mørk (SINTEF Petroleum Research, and Norwegian University of Sciences and Technology), in addition to renewing an old collaboration with Allen Milligan (Oregon State University), on a new research topic.  Over the past 2 years, I have begun additional new collaborations with Manuel Rigo (Università degli Studi di Padova, Italy) and Linda Godfrey (Rutgers U.), along with my post-doc Samantha Langton.  At present, we have 2 manuscripts submitted, and 2 additional manuscripts in preparation.

Muttoni, G., Mazza, M., Mosher, D., Katz, M.E., Kent, D.V., and Balini, M. , submitted. A Middle–Late Triassic (Ladinian–Rhaetian) Carbon and Oxygen isotope record from the Tethyan Ocean. Palaeogeog., Palaeoclim., Palaeoecol.

Rigo, M., Claudia Agnini, C., Katz, M.E., Godfrey, L., Zaffani, M., Tateo, F., Concheri, G., Stellin, F., Muttoni, G., Bertinelli, A., Casacci, M., Gattolin, G., Maron, M., submitted. A new Oceanic Anoxic Event: the case history of the Norian/Rhaetian boundary. Nature. 

Katz, M.E., Mørk, A., and Milligan, A., in prep. Triassic Carbon Isotope Stratigraphy – Correlations between Panthalassic and Tethyan Sections.

Muttoni, G., Mazza, M., Katz, M.E., Langton, S., Kent, D.V., and Balini, M., in prep. Early-Middle Triassic Carbon Isotope Stratigraphy.