About the Annual Report

Pursuant to paragraph (d) of Article SECOND of The Trust Agreement which established The Petroleum Research Fund, and annual report of research financed by the Fund is published and copies are made available "…to the public at large… (and) to the Donors of the Trust created by this Agreement."

Annual Report Staff

PRF Program Administrator:

Dr. Dean A. Dunn
Assistant Director, Research Grants

Program Managers:

Dr. Burtrand I. Lee

Dr. Askar Fahr

Dr. Thomas Clancy

Dr. Nancy Jensen

Finance and Grants Manager:

Ms. Gayle Peterman

Research Database Manager:

Mr. David M. Riper


The principal investigators, as well as the colleges and universities employing them, and the American Chemical Society express to the Donors of The Petroleum Research Fund their appreciation of their gift that made possible these significant contributions to advanced scientific education and fundamental research in the petroleum field. The ACS PRF also recognizes the effort and support of the PRF Advisory Board and scientific community in reviewing the submitted proposals.