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About ACS Petroleum Research Fund (PRF): We're committed to broadening advanced inquiry and research into all areas of energy.

Where we find our energy, and how we use it, have rapidly become defining questions for our times.

The energy sources that have helped get us where we are today have various shortcomings – from dwindling supply, to affordability issues, to the environmental impact of their development and use, to the storage issues surrounding waste products generated.

Finding a better way forward is hard work, and there are no easy answers. But at ACS PRF, we are helping to broaden and push back the frontiers of energy science and closely related issues. Thanks to the backing of ACS PRF, top researchers across the U.S. and around the world are producing exciting new findings and discoveries that will be shared with the world.

The faster we can move ahead with this groundbreaking work, the sooner scientists in private industry will find commercial applications to help move the country, and the world, toward safer, more affordable and abundant, renewable sources of energy.

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