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Grants Awarded: Our grants and awards reflect the diverse nature of the energy research community itself.

The scientific breakthroughs our world needs in energy are made possible by a diverse group of scientists, researchers, and educators. At ACS PRF, we offer a variety of grants, sabbaticals, and fellowships to support as wide a cross-section of the research community as possible.

Download a PDF with a list of 2008 ACS PRF Grantees

Grant Types AC for research at Ph.D.-granting institutions

This largest ACS PRF grant program usually funds proposals from graduate departments, but undergraduate faculty may apply. While most AC grants are for two years, some grants will be for three years. No competitive advantage is gained by applying for less than the maximum allowable amount or time period. Budget may include stipends for graduate students, undergraduates, or postdoctoral fellows, summer salary for the principal investigator, research supplies, travel costs, and an annual departmental allocation. 

B for research at primarily undergraduate institutions

Type B grants are exclusively for faculty in departments that do not offer a doctoral degree. The fundamental research proposed must include participation by undergraduate students. Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows may not be supported with Type B funds. The maximum amount is $65,000 to be spent over three years.

G, GB for starter grants for new faculties

Type G/GB grants are intended for new faculty members at a college or university within the United States who are within the first three years of a regular appointment as an Assistant Professor or the equivalent. The amount is $50,000 over two years. Type G/GB grants may fund student stipends, summer salary for the principal investigator, supplies, equipment, and travel, but a detailed budget is not required. Upon receipt, Type G/GB applications are subdivided based upon the highest degree granted in the applicant's department. Applications from faculty holding positions in non-doctoral departments are considered in competition only with applications from faculty in similar departments.

The SUMR Scholar award is a supplement for existing ACS PRF research grants, intended to involve an undergraduate from an underrepresented minority group in a principal investigator's research project. Only current grant holders are eligible to apply. The purpose of the SUMR program is to offer a research experience for undergraduates from underrepresented minority groups. At the same time, this program offers ACS PRF grantees additional resources to further their ACS PRF-sponsored research.

Summer Research Fellowships are intended to support faculty guest researchers from non-doctoral institutions and are awarded as supplements to active ACS PRF grants. Only current grant holders are eligible to apply. The purpose of this program is to offer a research experience for faculty from smaller undergraduate departments, especially departments that show a potential for a significant undergraduate research program, but where that potential may not have been fully realized. At the same time, the SRF program offers our grantees additional resources to further their ACS PRF-sponsored research.

The SE program assists with the travel expenses of foreign (defined as non-U.S. and non-Canadian) scientists who participate in major symposia in this country (or in Canada). The symposium topic must be "fundamental research in the petroleum field" to be eligible for support.

The Undergraduate Faculty Sabbatical grant program is designed to provide year-long, full-time, research sabbaticals for qualified faculty performing fundamental research in the petroleum field during a sabbatical. This is a matching grants program that can provide up to $45,000 in faculty salary and qualified benefits, and up to $5,000 in relocation and research expenses for a faculty member's sabbatical year.

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