About ACS Petroleum Research Fund (PRF)

We are committed to supporting advanced scientific education and fundamental research in all areas of fossil fuel research. Where we find our energy, and how we use it, have rapidly become defining questions for our times. The use of any fossil fuel has various shortcomings and solving these issues is hard work because there are no easy answers.

The faculty and their students in colleges and universities supported by the ACS Petroleum Research Fund are helping to broaden and push back the frontiers of fundamental fossil fuel research. Thanks to the backing of ACS PRF, top investigators across the U.S. and around the world are producing exciting new findings and discoveries that are shared with the world.

The faster we can move ahead with this groundbreaking work, the sooner our results can be transitioned into the public sector. The knowledge gained from ACS PRF supported fundamental research will be used by scientists and engineers in private industry to develop commercial applications that help move the country, and the world, toward safer, more affordable, abundant and cleaner use of fossil fuels.

Converging on Alaska
Dr. Ridgway
Polyene Synthesis
Dr. O'Neil
Dr. Bali
Faults and Fluid Flow
Dr. Huntington