About the Annual Report An overview of the grants and awards ACS PRF authorized in 2011
as well as details about program operations.

In 2011, the ACS Petroleum Research Fund committed to new grants totaling $16.4 million. As a result, the Fund now supports a total of nearly 700 active grants — enabling ongoing, innovative research at nearly 200 colleges and universities in the United States as well as in Australia, Canada, Israel, Italy, Lebanon, Spain, and the United Kingdom. This report provides an overview of the grants that were active in 2011.

As a service to other investigators, scientists, and engineers, the report also explains the various types of grants available, funding criteria, the ACS PRF Advisory Board, and program details. For additional context, the report includes an overview of the dynamic history of the Fund, established in 1944.

Program Administrator:

Dr. Ronald E. Siatkowski
ACS PRF Director

Program Managers for this report period:

Dr. Dean A. Dunn
ACS PRF Assistant Director

Dr. Burtrand I. Lee
Program Manager

Dr. Askar Fahr
Program Manager

Dr. Thomas Clancy
Program Manager

Dr. Susan Van Arnum
Program Manager

Ms. Gayle Peterman
Finance and Grants Manager

Converging on Alaska
Dr. Ridgway
Polyene Synthesis
Dr. O'Neil
Dr. Bali
Faults and Fluid Flow
Dr. Huntington