Reports: B643751-B6: Spectroscopy of Gas Phase Palladium- and Platinum-Containing Radicals

Leah C. O'Brien , Southern Illinois University (Edwardsville)

Research this year has focused on the spectroscopy of several gas-phase, diatomic molecules, including PtF and O2.  

We have recorded the Doppler-limited spectrum of gas phase PtF resolution in the 11400 cm-1 – 13000 cm-1. The spectra are recorded using intracavity laser absorption spectroscopy (ILS) located at UM-St. Louis in the laboratory of our collaborator, Prof. James O'Brien.   Two bands of a new electronic transition of PtF were observed with bandheads at 12523 and 13079 cm-1. The vibrational numbering of these band are assigned as the (0,0) and (1,0) band, respectively, based on the isotopologue structure. The analysis of these bands are in progress.

Work has continued on other projects including O2. A portion of the (1,1) band of the b 1Σ+ - X 3Σ transition of O2 is shown in the figure. Improved line positions and improved molecular parameters for the v=1 band of the b 1Σ+ state have been determined. Additionally, a new method of producing vibrationally hot molecules for use in absorption spectroscopy of stable gas phase molecules is described.

The ACS-PRF award supports our research and positively impacts our careers by providing funding for research supplies, travel for conferences, and salary for summer work.  Gas-phase diatomic molecules can be important in many atmospheric and catalytic reactions. This research provides new and/or improved molecular constants for electronic states, which in turn provide insight into the electronic structure and bonding of these molecules. 

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