Reports: SE49675-SE: Schiff Base Macrocycles and Materials, at Pacifichem, December 15-20, 2010, Honolulu, HI

Mark J. MacLachlan , University of British Columbia

Coorganized with Sally Brooker (University of Otaga, New Zealand) and Chang-Hee Lee (Kangwon National University, Korea), this 1.5 day symposium at Pacifichem brought together researchers from across North America, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and Europe to discuss aspects of Schiff base chemistry as used to develop macrocycles. Researchers described their latest findings in the field, including the construction of complex organic macrocycles, the self-assembly of macrocycles into new materials, and the coordination chemistry (including magnetic studies) of new Schiff base macrocycles. Overall, the symposium was very successful and well-attended, with 50-60 people attending most of the presentations.

With the ACS PRF SE grant, we were able to assist with the travel costs of 4 international speakers: Prof. Berthold Kersting (Germany), Prof. Hirohiko Houjou (Japan), Dr. Arjan Kleij (Spain), and Prof. Michael Chan (Hong Kong).  The participation of these researchers was valuable and important to the success of the symposium.

Converging on Alaska
Dr. Ridgway
Polyene Synthesis
Dr. O'Neil
Dr. Bali
Faults and Fluid Flow
Dr. Huntington