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Information for attendees staying at Columbia University.

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Getting around New York City is a breeze, thanks to 3,700 buses, 714 miles of subways, 12,000 taxis and limousines, and countless feeder roads. There are also ferries, helicopters, bicycles, and frequent Amtrak and commuter rail service. And don’t forget your feet! NYC is a walking city – flat and much of it on a grid. To find the cross streets of a particular address, use the handy NYC street finder.

Columbia University

The conference will be held at the Morningside Heights campus of Columbia University which is located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. The main entrance to the campus is on 116th Street and Broadway. The campus is easily accessible by public transportation or car.

columbia university

From its beginnings in a schoolhouse in lower Manhattan, Columbia University has grown to encompass two principal campuses: the historic, neoclassical campus in the Morningside Heights neighborhood and the modern Medical Center further uptown, in Washington Heights. Today, Columbia is one of the top academic and research institutions in the world, conducting pathbreaking research in medicine, science, the arts, and the humanities. It includes three undergraduate schools, thirteen graduate and professional schools, and a school of continuing education.

New York City

There is no place on earth quite like New York City. If you're a first-time visitor, come see for yourself -- the Empire State and Chrysler buildings, the Statue of Liberty, Rockefeller Center, Times Square, the Bronx Zoo, Staten Island Ferry, Brooklyn Bridge and all our other world-famous attractions. If you've been here before, there's always another neighborhood to explore, another restaurant to try, another Broadway show and museum blockbuster to see, another don't-miss cultural performance or sporting event.

To help you plan your time in our great city, NYC & Company, the city's official tourism marketing organization, provides information and assistance at Official NYC Visitor Information Centers and Kiosks throughout the city.

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