Conference Program

It is our intent to construct a conference where people from the diverse collection of disciplines that constitute Colloid and Surface Science can gather for constructive discourse. We have tried to organize topics in a manner that promotes commingling of researchers from different specializations. In other words we would like to see people with novel measurement tools, simulation expertise and application specialists all talking with one another, as an example. So when you are trying to decide under which topic to place your talk, please think about how to benefit the widest audience of your colleagues. The topics listed here are generic. More specific symposia will nucleate within the topics listed here, and if you are interested in organizing one please contact the conference co-chairs.

Technical Program

Technical Topics

  • Structures at Interfaces With Liquids
  • Thin Liquid Films Including Bilayers
  • Hydrophobic Interactions
  • Electrokinetics & Microfluidics
  • Capillary and Wetting Phenomena
  • Theory and Computer Simulations in Intefacial and Colloidal Systems
  • Polymers at Interfaces and Polymer-Surfactant Interactions
  • Novel Measurement Tools & Methods
  • Interfacial Rheology
  • Colloid and Surface Interactions in Water
  • Interfacial Forces and Fields
  • Clustering
  • Colloidal Gels and Microgels
  • Colloid Rheology and Microrheology
  • Colloids in Non-Aqueous Media
  • Surfactants and Supermolecular Assemblies
  • Structured Lipids
  • Dynamics
  • Mechanisms of Bacterial Adhesion
  • Colloid and Surface Science in Mineral Separations and Processing
  • Advances in Cellulose-Based Technology
  • Emulsions
  • Tribology and Adhesion
  • Catalysis and Surface Science
  • Microanalyis and Morphology
  • Biology and Health Sciences
  • Biocolloids for Imaging and Drug Delivery
  • Biosurfactants and Other Novel Surfactants
  • Biomineralization
  • Biointerfaces
  • Environmental Colloid and Interfacial Processes
  • Energy from Fossil Fuels & Alternative Sources
  • Engineering at the Nano-Scale and Nano-Technology
  • Fabrication of Colloidal Assemblies and Devices
  • Future Directions in Colloid and Surface Science
  • Thermodynamics & Adsorption
  • Tuesday Poster Session
  • Wendesday Poster Session

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