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Annual Report 2014

Program Highlights

Careers & Professional Advancement

The Division of Membership and Scientific Advancement (M&SA) continues to offer innovative solutions to better serve ACS members. In early 2014, M&SA launched ACS Career Navigator to provide members and other chemistry-related professionals with a one-stop-shop of key resources to help them succeed in the global chemistry enterprise at all stages of their careers. ACS Career Navigator seamlessly combines the offerings of ACS Career Services (Career Fairs, Career Consulting, Career Pathway Workshops), Professional Education (Short and Online Courses), Leadership Development (Facilitated and Online Courses), and Market Intelligence (Employment Dashboard, Salary Calculator) into a single, unified experience for ACS members and potential members.

This unified brand touches every ACS member. It is responsible for training governance leaders, assisting and facilitating employment searches, improving technical and managerial skills, informing on job trends, and connecting and mentoring. The Navigator brand’s central theme of “Your Competitive Advantage in a Global Workforce” speaks to the value that this product mix provides ACS members. Specifically, ACS Career Navigator seeks to:

  • Enhance the professional skills and career knowledge of chemical scientists and engineers by providing a seamless product portfolio responsive to their needs,
  • Develop a diverse and coordinated portfolio of products, programs and services containing something for members and potential members at all career stages,
  • Serve the employment and advancement needs of members in a coordinated and seamless manner, and
  • Craft a member benefit with tremendous value important to constituents.

In 2014, the ACS Career Navigator program held two onsite national career fairs at the ACS national meetings and two linked virtual career fairs. Together, these fairs provided about 3,000 individuals the opportunity to speak to 89 employers about 237 possible jobs. An additional 2,300 members received a personalized career consulting experience either online or onsite during the year. Some 3,000 individuals attended an ACS career pathway workshop at 84 separate sessions provided at national meetings, regional meetings, and universities worldwide. More than 70 technical and managerial training courses, ranging in length from four to 54 hours, were offered both online and in-person at nine U.S. locations providing over 550 chemical scientists and engineers essential knowledge to help them advance in their careers. During 2014, there were more than 10,000 substantial engagements that the ACS Career Navigator provided in service of the career development needs and aspirations of individuals worldwide.

More than 870 participants enrolled in 55 LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT SYSTEM® (ACS LDS) courses in 2014. This represents a per course average of approximately 16 learners, besting the number from last year. In addition to providing leadership skills training for individuals, the ACS LDS conducted six Strategic Planning Retreats for ACS subunit groups.

About 350 volunteers, governance leaders and staff participated in the 2014 ACS Leadership Institute in Dallas. The Leadership Institute’s local section track included the “Share Your Story” exercise and a ChemLuminary Poster Session. Both events received high marks by participants. Eighteen winning posters represented the work of local sections and divisions. The Share Your Story exercise received an evaluation of 84 percent rating it as either Very Good or Excellent.