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Annual Report 2014

Donors & Support

ACS Legacy Leaders

American Chemical Society Legacy Leaders are recognized for establishing a lasting legacy by including the American Chemical Society in their estates. Learn more.

Anonymous (4)
Cameron Ainsworth
Alfred and Isabel Bader
Edwin D. Becker
Jeannette Brown
Inara Brubaker
Matthew K. Chan
Susan and Kenneth Fahrenholtz
George H. Fisher
J. Lynn and JoEllen Fordham
Helen Free
Sharon Loretta Haynie
Ned and Linda Heindel
Madeleine Jacobs
Susan Jarboe
Madeleine M. Joullié
Bacon and Keiko Ke
Ron and Petta Khouw

Joan Anne Laredo-Liddell
James W. and Marjorie Leenhouts
Judith Leondar
Adriane G. Ludwick
Margo Lynn McIvor
E. Gerald Meyer
Josef Michl
Glenn and Mary Ellen Moser
Eli M. Pearce
Glenn Prestwich and Barbara Bentley
Charles J. Reeder
Donald O. Rickter
Carolyn Ruth
Sandra Lamb Sanford
Catherine Sigal
George Sosnovsky
Elizabeth K. Weisburger
John Wiesenfeld

In Memoriam of ACS Legacy Leaders

James and Claire D'Ianni
Ernest and Eva Eliel
Wardner Gilroy
Rodney Hader
Charles E. Kaufman
Lester Krogh
Carl W. Otto
Cecilia J. Paluch
John Parnag
Bing T. Poon
Francis B. Rosevear
Gerald Schillon
W. Mayo Smith
Barbara Anne Stott
Dan Su
Roy W.H. and Marjorie Tess
Barbara Hodsdon Ullyot