Program Highlights

Careers & Professional Advancement

The Division of Membership & Scientific Advancement (M&SA) continues to offer a ground-breaking new learning system for industry professionals called SciMind™. The system contains the world’s first “Labinar,” a real lab exercise in a virtual environment. In 2013, SciMind launched another new topic, Toxicology for the Scientist, with over 100 learning elements to give R&D chemists the skills and knowledge to improve product safety and protect human health.

ACS Short Courses continue to provide the training scientists value and use in their careers. Based on post-course surveys conducted in 2013, the following findings back up this assertion. Ninety-four percent (94%) of respondents agreed or strongly agreed the content improved their knowledge of the subject, ninety-three percent (93%) indicated the information they learned at the ACS Short Course will help in their career, ninety-two percent (92%) noted the technical level of the content was appropriate, and ninety percent (90%) replied the course aligned well with their areas of interest.

ACS ProSpectives co-hosted an International Symposium on Pharmaceutical Solid-State Research with Crystal Pharmatech in Suzhou, China. The event was a great success, providing cutting-edge knowledge in the solid-state and material science areas to more than 100 participants from 38 major pharmaceutical and biotech companies, as well as 10 universities. The ACS Leadership Development System® (ACS LDS) offers ACS members and potential members the opportunity to learn essential skills to strengthen their competitive edge in today’s global economy.  Over 1,000 participants enrolled in 66 courses—both new records—that were held at local sections, divisions, regional and national meetings, and internationally.  In addition to providing leadership skills training for individuals, the ACS LDS conducted nine Strategic Planning Retreats for ACS subunit groups. The ACS Leadership Advisory Board hosted the 2013 ACS Leadership Institute in Dallas.  Nearly 350 volunteers, governance leaders and staff participated in this annual event in 2013.

ACS launched a new workshop series called "Career Pathways."  The six workshops include Finding Your Pathway, Working in Higher Education, Working in Industry, Working in Government, Working for Yourself and Acing the Interview.  The Career Pathways program offers workshops at national and regional meetings. They provide an opportunity to delve further into careers of interest and conduct a more personalized assessment of an individual’s skills and values.

ACS enhanced its Online Jobs Club program in 2013 to help displaced workers. Long-term unemployed members in particular gained new tools, leads, and insights from colleagues on job search and employment issues. These clubs met regularly through web-based communication.