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Annual Report 2015

Donors & Support

Pledge Payments

ACS acknowledges these donors who made contributions on prior years' pledges. Individual donors are indicated in italics.

Ronald and Esther Breslow
Theodore Brown
Robert Crutchley
John Dawson
Jillian Dempsey
Richard Eisenberg
Judith Giordan
Harry Gray
Madeleine JoulliƩ
Jay Labinger
Kyle Lancaster
Charles Lieber
Yi Lu
George McLendon
David McMillin

Josef Michl
Gary Mines
Daniel Nocera
Robert Scott
Catherine Sigal
Edward Solomon
Michael Therien
Joseph Vacca
John Van Houten
Jay Winkler
Mark Wrighton

The Dow Chemical Company
W. R. Grace Foundation, Inc.
The Kavli Foundation