Strategic Plan

ACS Strategic Plan Keeps Society Focused on Supporting Chemists' Aspirations

The ACS Strategic Plan for 2011 and Beyond incorporates ideas from a broad range of members and stakeholders to ensure that ACS remains the leading professional society in chemistry for our members and our science.  The ACS Board of Directors conducted internal and external environmental scans of the evolving challenges and opportunities related to each goal, and specific strategies and metrics were revised accordingly.  Some strategies represent ongoing work from last year, while others are new initiatives that remain a priority. 

Our vision, mission, and core values continue to be the foundation of the plan. The centerpiece of the plan continues to be its aspirational goals, of which there are now five. What was formerly a goal of the ACS Strategic Plan, “ACS will be a financially sustainable organization that serves members, chemistry and related sciences,” is the subject of a new Preamble to the plan. Maintaining financial sustainability has always been a critical focus of ACS, cutting across all of our activities.  The goals, in brief, continue to be providing indispensable information, engaging the global community, addressing global challenges, communicating with the public, and advocating for the profession.