Focusing on What Matters Most

For nearly 135 years, ACS has been chemistry’s “hometown”: The central gathering point for chemical professionals to meet, share information, and find tools and guidance that enable them to become stronger and more marketable scientists.

Over the years, our focus has shifted as our members’ needs have evolved. In the current, fluctuating economic climate, we are committed to supporting career and leadership training, bolstering international cooperation, enhancing chemistry education (particularly among underrepresented populations), and promoting communication to the general public in order to “put a human face on chemistry.”

In 2010, we made significant strides in each of these areas – all of which were emphasized in The Chemical Enterprise in 2015 report and were priorities this year during Joseph Francisco’s ACS Presidency. We believe these efforts on behalf of our more than 163,000 members at year-end 2010 will yield tremendous benefits for them in the years ahead.