ACS Legacy Leaders

American Chemical Society Legacy Leaders are recognized for establishing a lasting legacy by including the American Chemical Society in their estates.

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Alfred and Isabel Bader
Jeannette Brown
Matthew K. Chan
James D'Ianni*
Ernest* and Eva Eliel
Kenneth and Susan Fahrenholtz
George H. Fisher
J. Lynn and JoEllen Fordham
Rodney Hader
Madeleine Jacobs
Charles E. Kaufman*
Bacon and Keiko Ke
Lester Krogh
James W. and Marjorie Leenhouts
Judith Leondar
Margo Lynn McIvor
Carl W. Otto*
Cecilia J. Paluch*
Bing T. Poon*
Glenn Prestwich and Barbara Bentley
Charles J. Reeder
Francis B. Rosevear*
Carolyn Ruth
Sandra Lamb Sanford
Gerald Schillon*
Catherine Teague Sigal
W. Mayo Smith
George Sosnovsky
Barbara Anne Stott*
Roy W.H.* and Marjorie Tess
Barbara Hodsdon Ullyot*
Elizabeth K. Weisburger
John Wiesenfeld

* deceased