Division of Carbohydrate Chemistry (CARB)
Website No Longer Available

The website you are trying to reach is no longer available at the URL you entered.

If you have questions, we suggest contacting the leadership/governance team of CARB:

Immediate Past Chair
Eriks Rozners (until 12/31/2019), E-mail: erozners@binghamton.edu

Peter R. Andreana (until 12/31/2019), E-mail: peter.andreana@utoledo.edu

Alexei Demchenko (until 12/31/2019), E-mail: demchenkoa@umsl.edu

Executive Secretary and Program Chair
Steven J. Sucheck (until 12/31/2019), E-mail: steve.sucheck@gmail.com

Secretary and Newsletter Editor
Clay S. Bennett (until 12/31/2019), E-mail: clay.bennett@tufts.edu

Anthony Serianni (until 12/31/2020), E-mail: anthony.s.serianni.1@nd.edu or aserianni@nd.edu

Alternate Councilor
Hien Nguyen (until 12/31/2020), E-mail: hien-nguyen@uiowa.edu

Geert-Jan Boons (until 12/31/2022), E-mail: gjboons@ccrc.uga.edu


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