Location: Fiji
Scientist: Sera Tuikabe, Marine Chemist

Lesson Summary

Students meet marine chemist Sera Tuikabe, who is studying ocean acidification in the water surrounding the Republic of the Fiji Islands. Students combine different amounts of acids and bases to explore the range of color changes of universal indicator solution. Then as their chemistry challenge, students make as many different-colored solutions as they can.

Key Concepts

  • A change in color is a clue that a chemical reaction may have occurred.
  • Universal indicator solution is green when it has a pH around 7.
  • Acidic solutions have a pH less than 7.
  • Basic solutions have a pH greater than 7.
  • Adding a base to an acidic solution makes the solution less acidic.
  • Adding an acid to a basic solution makes the solution less basic.
  • Carbon dioxide gas reacts with water to form carbonic acid.

Materials for Lesson 2

The Chemistry Continues

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