Chemistry in Context Simulations
Atomic Weight Calculator Watch how the calculation of atomic weight changes with varying isotope abundances.
Ocean Acidification Explore the connection between rising atmospheric CO2 levels, dropping ocean pH and changes in speciation of carbonate.
CFCs in the Atmosphere Discover the effects that photons across the electromagnetic spectrum have on CFC molecules.
IR Windows Examine the IR spectrum of molecules of "greenhouse gases" and ponder how these molecules affect Earth's climate.
Build a Planet Play with the radiation scales to find a balance necessary for life on a planet.
Electromagnetic Spectrum Interact with the Electromagnetic Spectrum to examine the relationships between wavelength, frequency and energy.
Collisional Heating Interact with the IR spectrum for a given molecule of a greenhouse gas. Discover what happens at the absorptive peaks.
Stabilization Wedges Try to stabilize carbon emissions over the next 50 years by adjusting different sliders for the ways we can impact the amount of carbon produced.
Historic Climate Change Examine historical changes in temperature and in the concentrations of selected greenhouse gases. Use the slope tool to determine rate of change.
IR-Mass Spectrometry Explore some of the exciting applications of Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry.
Nanoparticle Size and UV Interaction Visualize how ultraviolet light interacts with nanoparticles of varying sizes.
UV in the Atmosphere Find out where ultraviolet light comes from, and explore how the atmosphere protects us from ultraviolet light and other harmful solar radiation.
Ozone Interactions With Light From vibrational modes to breaking molecular bonds, discover the effects that photons from across the electromagnetic spectrum have on ozone molecules.
Nanoparticles in Sunscreen Examine the effects of both the size and concentration of zinc oxide nanoparticles on the efficiency of sunscreen. View the penetration of ultraviolet light on the skin, and visualize the photon-nanoparticle interaction at the nanoscopic scale.