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December 2012

Sharing Your Experiences: The Chemistry & Postdoctoral Scholars Blog

A couple of years ago we started a small blog, with a simple idea: Let's create an informal platform where we can share resources, stories, and experiences. Although the blog has grown, we would like to hear from additional voices. If you have something you would be willing to share, or if you are the author of a blog about the chemistry graduate school or postdoc experience that you would like us to promote, please write to us at

See the latest blog post "Things I wish I had known four years ago: Reflections on choosing and making the most out of your advisor selection"

New Opportunities
Travel and Other Awards
ACS ENVR: Two Award Opportunities for Graduate Students
ACS INOR: Student Travel Award (Please Scroll Down)
ACS BIOL: Travel Award to 245th ACS National Meeting (Please scroll down)
Chemical Society of Washington: Student Travel Awards to the 245th ACS National Meeting
Research & Postdoctoral Fellowships
NSF: Graduate Research Opportunities Worldwide (GROW)
ACS: Public Policy Fellowships
CIBA/YCC:Young Scientist Travel Award
Sigma Xi: Student Research Presentation
TSRC: Application for Telluride School on Theoretical Chemistry

Piled Higher and Deeper by Jorge Cham (originally published 12/19/11)

Science & Career News
C&EN: Improving Chemistry Graduate Education
C&EN: Materials Science Builds on Flexibility
Science Career Advice: myIDP–What Do You Care About:?
245th ACS National Meeting; New Orleans, LA; April 7-11, 2013
43rd National Organic Chemistry Symposium; Seattle, WA; June 23-27, 2013
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