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January 2011                               
Develop Communication Skills and Believe in Yourself
Dr. Nancy Jackson, ACS President, 2011

I admit that when I was invited to write an editorial for the Graduate Student Bulletin, I struggled a bit trying to figure out what to say that might be relevant to current grad students. After all, my graduate work was-Gasp!-done in another century. But, I did what any good twenty-first century researcher would do ... I turned to the Web for inspiration. One of the first sites I came across was called the “Chemistry Grad Students & Postdocs Blog.” Surely, I would be able to find something here that would spark the creative juices. I wasn’t disappointed. The topic of discussion was, “top tips for success in grad school.” Read more...

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ACS AGFD Division: Roy Teranishi Graduate Fellowship in Food Chemistry
ACS BIOT Division: W.H. Peterson Awards for Best Student Presentation
ACS MEDI Division: 2011-2012 Predoctoral Fellowships
ACS ORGN Division: Graduate Fellowships
ACS PMSE Division: Ford Graduate Student Research Award
ACS WCC Committee and Eli Lilly and Company Travel Award
AkzoNobel Award for Outstanding Graduate Research in Polymer Chemistry
Iota Sigma Pi: Anna Louise Hoffman Award for Outstanding Achievement in Graduate Research
Kenneth G. Hancock Memorial Award
NASF: AESF Foundation Scholarship
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